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About Pesabrands

At pesabrands, we deliver real-time, quality and strategic business intelligence insights from anywhere, globally. We support organizations across Africa with their Customer and Employee engagement surveys. You think you’re making the right business decisions for your company and your customers, but how do you know for sure? One way to get the valuable information you need to keep moving your company and your profits forward is to run online business surveys to gauge the interests and satisfaction of your customers.

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Our Products

    Sokoni 365 insights

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer confidence surveys
  • Market intelligence surveys
  • Industry trends monitoring
  • Customer loyalty surveys

     Brand Insights

  • Brand perception surveys
  • Brand quality surveys
  • Brand reputation surveys
  • Brand performance surveys
  • Brand uniqueness surveys

     My Employee Engagement

  • Employee alignment
  • Employee belonging
  • Employee committment
  • Employee growth
  • Employee satisfaction

How it Works

Sign up for free, interact with different brands, customers and friends, take part in surveys that fit your demographics and earn redeemable incentives.

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